Nitka — journal of russia tea tradition.

Russian Caravan Tea

We want to tell you about the first tea in our collection – Russian Caravan.
Our project owes the name to him. “Nitka” (in English means Thread) was called a caravan, which delivered tea from China to Russia in the old days. The camel on our sign is also from the same caravan.
The path to Moscow could have lasted more than a year, but thanks to the sharply continental climate, tea was very well preserved ... With one peculiarity. Every night, the caravan stopped for rest. To protect themselves from the cold and scare away predators, bonfires were made, smoke from which for months soaked people, animals and, of course, tea itself.
The special smoky taste of tea brought in by Russian merchants was highly valued throughout Europe. He was called Kyakhtinsky, because all of it was imported through Kyakhta, one of the Russian tea capitals. Cantonese tea brought in by the sea was valued less because it lost a significant part of its aroma due to monsoons and very high humidity.

This story inspired us to a number of experiments and ideas, about which we will tell in the next story.

Чай Русский Караван
Modern smoking technologies allow you to get cold smoke using friction, which reduces the temperature of smoldering wood. Smoke filtering has become possible. Together, this makes caravan tea a truly innovative product.

In 2020, we will definitely continue experiments with different bases, types of smoke, different smoking methods and even aging in barrels. And today, our first Caravan tea is available to order on

Чай Русский Караван
Smoking intensely affects the aroma of dry leaves and is very delicately integrated into the taste of the prepared drink. Refined tea with high natural sweetness, intense and complex aroma.

This is a classic that was reborn today to give pleasure to the most demanding tea connoisseurs.
Perhaps this is the taste of Russia!